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Normally we share info on the blog that’s helpful for small business owners, but this article will get a bit geeky to help our Facebook developer friends and marketers across the interwebs.

It’s about adding custom iframe tabs to Facebook Pages, a request we receive from time to time from clients looking to enhance their business’ Facebook presence by offering customized information. To complete such a project, our workflow includes:

  1. Defining goals for the tab
  2. Creating the content for the tab (text, graphics, etc.)
  3. Coding the HTML/PHP page
  4. Uploading the files to the client’s server
  5. Adding SSL protection (a new Facebook requirement as of October 2011)
  6. Creating a Facebook “app” to serve as the framework for the tab
  7. Adding the app to the client’s Facebook Page

The last step – normally the easiest to accomplish – was the most difficult today. After reading this post, hopefully it will not be a challenge for you.

Facebook missing Add to my page linkFor new apps, Facebook has done away with the “Add to my page” link that was located on an app’s Profile Page. In the past, when you created a Facebook application, Facebook automatically added a Profile Page for each new app. On that Profile Page, in the left column, there was a link entitled, “Add to my page”. You clicked that link and then selected the Facebook Page to add the app. (That’s still the process for existing apps, but Facebook has announced that they will remove all existing app Profile Pages on Feb. 1, 2012.)

For new apps, the “Add to my page” link does not exist. Facebook custom tab advanced settings - create a pageAnd, Facebook does not automatically create Profile Pages for new applications. You can create a Page for an app manually, but that is not required to add an app to a Page.

So, here is the new process for adding an app to a Facebook Page.

How to add an app / custom tab to a Facebook Page (December 2011)

(Make sure you’ve completed steps 1 – 6 above before continuing.)

  1. Log in to Facebook and go to
  2. In the left column, click on the app title that you want to add to a Page.
  3. Note two items about your new app: your “App ID/API Key” number, and your Canvas URL.
  4. Copy the link below, replacing YOUR_APP_ID with your app’s ID/API Key number, and replacing YOUR_URL with your app’s Canvas URL.

  6. Paste that link into your browser’s address bar and hit enter.
  7. Under “Add Page Tab”, click on “Choose Facebook Pages” and select the Page to receive the new custom tab.
  8. Click “Add Tab to My Facebook Pages”.Facebook add page tab
  9. If successful, Facebook will redirect you to your Canvas URL. After the web page loads, I recommend that you pull up the Facebook Page containing the new custom tab to verify that the tab was added and is correctly set up.

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If you would like to hire The Red Building Group to develop custom Facebook tabs for your business or organization, contact us today for a free consultation.

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