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How do you create a banner ad that is seen?

Most online ads are overlooked. Years of surfing the web has taught us to ignore the banal banners, squares and skyscrapers – which motivated advertisers to employ ladies dancing to unbelievable mortgage rates (though I’m sure they’re not dancing for mortgages anymore!).

Economic considerations aside, how do you get noticed with your little ol’ banner? Answer: You pounce.

Sean X Cummings of SXC Marketing describes it best:

Have. The. Banner…….[pause] React. [pause] [pause] [pause] Move. [pounce] Like it’s stalking prey. The consumer’s eye will instinctively glance to see what it is.

Beyond superbly timed animation, the use of video is increasingly driving up click thrus. With broadband approaching ubiquitous status in the States, now is the perfect time to revisit your advertising plan, incorporate these techniques, and get noticed.

The Red Building Group, LLC can help you connect with new customers and keep current clients happy with digital media strategies. Contact us for a free consultation.

Oct 02

Email amore


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How many e-newsletters do you subscribe to? How many of those subscription emails do you read? How many are formatted so you can read them? And out of those, how many do you click through? How many e-newsletters do you love?

While email marketing is a cost effective way for a small business to keep in touch with customers, drive sales and enhance brand identity, it’s tough to rise above the daily deluge of information. It may sound simple, but to be successful in your email marketing campaign, you must provide value: what’s in it for the reader? A coupon? New product announcement? Event invitation? That’s it?

Always focus on the benefits – give ’em what they want. And then give ’em what they want before they know they want it. Follow it up with accessibility – how many of your readers check their email on a Blackberry? Gmail? Yahoo? Outlook? iPhone? Design for it, and stir in the right amount of personalization, timing and frequency. Then test, and test again, check your reports, refine it a little more. You’ll soon have an e-newsletter inspiring amore.


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Welcome to the new site of The Red Building Group!

While the old site fit well on an iPhone, this upgraded building will offer instant access to company news and marketing muse, so you’ll have the info you need to reach new customers and keep your current clients happy.

We’ll be tidying up a bit here and there from time to time, but if something we say strikes your fancy, leave us a comment, send us an email, or reply to us on twitter @redbuilding. Enjoy!