iPhone apps

Software engineers inside The Red Building have been working overtime in iPhone R&D to deliver entertaining and informative apps for you to enjoy on the most advanced smartphone available today. We understand what it takes to make an app successful, so we can work with your firm to develop an iPhone app that meets your business goals. Learn more about our iPhone app development and consulting services.

Our apps are currently available for purchase at the iTunes App Store:


webiconHTCablesYou’ve spent thousands of dollars on an HDTV, source equipment like Blu-Ray players and game consoles, and audio devices like receivers and speakers. But did you realize that using the proper cables to connect your equipment can make a huge difference in the quality of sound and video in your home theatre? With the HTCables app, you’ll gain the A/V expertise to know which cables to use to connect your home theatre equipment. Available now for only 99 cents on the iTunes App Store!

Technical support

Having trouble with T-701 or HTCables? Email the support desk at The Red Building Group.