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WordPress is amazing – not only is it the most customizable, frequently updated, comprehensive and community supported blog software available today, it’s also free. And with the new features in its 3.0 release, using WordPress gives small business owners even more reasons to use a WP installation as a content management system.


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Canon Beyond the Still contestThe Red Building Group recently participated in a film contest sponsored by consumer electronics firm Canon and online video sharing site Vimeo. The “Beyond the Still” contest is an artistic venture using short films to explore the stories behind still photographs. So far, contest entries have followed an episodic venture about a cab driver, a teddy bear, an old key and an unknown assassin.

We couldn’t resist.

While we’re known for providing website design and iPhone app development products, The Red Building Group also offers high definition video production services to businesses looking to tell their stories through video.

Watch Beyond the Still chapters 1 – 3 below, then check out The Red Building Group’s chapter 4 entry entitled, “Scavenger Hunt.”

(Beyond The Still films contain violent scenes and mildly vulgar language)

Chapter 1: The Cabbie from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Chapter 2: Job Security from Runner Runner on Vimeo.

Chapter 3: The Beach from M. Keegan Uhl on Vimeo.

Scavenger Hunt from Jeff Price on Vimeo.


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Dreambuilder Custom Homes in Jacksonville Fl delivers client-tailored, home building services to families looking to design and build the home of their dreams. Since their operation is founded upon perfectly customizing an experience for their customers, naturally Dreambuilder chose The Red Building Group to custom develop their website, launched this past month. Read more…