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Dreambuilder Custom Homes in Jacksonville Fl delivers client-tailored, home building services to families looking to design and build the home of their dreams. Since their operation is founded upon perfectly customizing an experience for their customers, naturally Dreambuilder chose The Red Building Group to custom develop their website, launched this past month. Read more…


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Small business owners: this one’s for you.

While many of you have heard about social media and maybe even experimented with it as well, you may still be wondering exactly what it can do for your business.
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As a home theatre enthusiast, I’ve set up a fair share of my family’s and friends’ HDTVs, receivers and speakers. As a fan of tech in general, I’ve noticed that an increasing number of iPhone apps target the home theatre market. (The Red Building Group’s apps are no exception – see HTCables below.)

While some apps are clearly made for professional a/v installers (e.g., Audiocalc, RT), here are a few App Store gems that can enhance any enthusiasts’ home entertainment experience:

Home Theatre Setup

HTCables – $0.99
HTCablesMost home theatre enthusiasts know their composites from their components, but do you know when to use a hi-speed HDMI cable vs. a standard HDMI cable? Or what length a Displayport cable should be to deliver the best quality? HTCables offers a thorough a/v cable reference guide, complete with cable descriptions, recommendations on device connections and links to purchase low-cost cables on

Videocalc – $2.99
videocalcIf you’re thinking about setting up a projector, having a few calculations handy can help you determine how far back you need to set up your projector and how big a screen you need. Enter a few projector specs (e.g., min/max throw ratio, seating distance and aspect ratio), and Videocalc will determine the size of your screen as well as min/max viewing distance.


SPL Meter – $0.99
splmeterWhile you have a number of App Store options for calibrating your home theatre audio, the SPL Meter is polished and provides value. Rather than purchase an SPL Meter from RadioShack for $50, pick up this app for less than a buck, and you’ll have a nice relative measuring tool to ensure the sound levels from each speaker are accurate.

Remote Controls

Remote – Free
remoteIf you’re the proud owner of an Apple TV (or your Mac Mini runs your home theatre), and you have a WiFi network, then you absolutely must install Remote by Apple Inc. Not only does this app give you a graphical remote for your iTunes content, it also makes typing search terms easier (try typing with a regular remote – painful), and it displays album art and playlists. Of course, freeness helps, too.

Boxee – Free
boxeeAnother free graphical remote that requires a WiFi network is the Boxee remote app. This is probably a niche product, as you do have to have a modicum of tech know-how to set up Boxee on your Apple TV in the first place, but if you have a home theatre PC or Mac Mini, this provides an elegant and simple way to control the content you view in Boxee.